Monday, November 7, 2011

Situation In Papua Part 2

Jayapura, Kompass - political and security situation in Papua to heat up. After the shootings and mass action in the PT Freeport Indonesia and the dissolution of the Papuan People's Congress III, Monday (24/10), city police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Noble Dominggus Awes Otto was attacked and shot dead.It happened in the airport area Majesty, Puncak Jaya regency, around 11:30. Dominggus dead with two gunshot wounds. "The shot of the nose and penetrate to the back of the head," said Chief of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Anton Bachrul Alam on Monday.

According to the Head of Public Relations Wachyono Papua Police Commissioner, was Dominggus it was monitoring the activities at the airport Honor. At that time Dominggus not accompanied by colleagues or subordinates. Dominggus position in front of an aircraft operator's flight pioneers Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is parked across the street from the airport.

Suddenly he was approached by two men who direct mengeroyoknya. Dominggus fell on his back, and then seized his gun offender. A pengeroyok aimed the gun to the head and then fired Dominggus twice. The two actors then fled to the hills on the north side of the runway.Dominggus was rushed to General Hospital Puncak Jaya regency, but his life did not help. Police are still pursuing the perpetrators. The body was flown to Dominggus planned Sentani, Jayapura regency, on Tuesday morning.

The two perpetrators of the shooting, according to Anton Bachrul Alam, allegedly a member of the separatist group. Police officers working with military forces to hunt down the perpetrators of the forest. "Police have asked for military assistance to pursue them," said Anton. Both players are now the target of the operation. Police are also still explore the case by asking witnesses who saw the shooting.

The shooting was recalled a similar case that occurred in the latter half of June. At that time, five unidentified gang Brigadier One M Yazin, members of the Police Oversight Crossing Air Port and Airport Honor. Yazin M's gun taken away. One of the harpy fired it toward the M Yazin. Though mortally wounded, M Yazin can be saved.

Earlier, last May, members of the Special Forces Command, Sergeant Kaman Nurjaman, shot someone when passing in front of the Market District of Ilu, Puncak Jaya. Situation in Papua lately got hotter. Conflict, riots, armed clashes between security forces and armed groups, acts of assault, and a number of shootings are common. In fact, in one recent month, the increasing escalation of violence.

On 10 October clashes between police and workers in the area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia (PT FI) which killed one person, three cars on fire, and several people were injured. Four days later, 14 October, the shootings occurred at the PT FI at 37-40 Mile (Kilometer 59.2 to 64), which killed three people.On 19 October, around 200 participants Papuan People's Congress III was arrested. Congress which has lasted three days Soccer Field Zacchaeus, Abepura, it also disbanded because it is considered treason.Indication of treason, said Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Jayapura Imam Setiawan then, the declaration of the State Federation of West Papua and its structure. Two days later, last Friday, three people were shot dead in Timika, Mimika regency, by a group of unknown persons at the location of gold panning.Commission I GoYesterday, residents and employees of PT FI who live in the area of ​​Tembagapura, Kuala Kencana, and Timika, Commission I went. "Now this is very necessary return on security conditions," said Linda Siregar, deputy resident. During the meeting, Linda said conditions Tembagapura and Timika since 2009 that has always haunted by a sense of anxiety because of threats of violence, even murder. Workers of PT FI even required to wear flak jackets and hats.

Residents also demanded disclosure of the homicides that have occurred since 2009. "My husband was killed in inhumane ways, but it's been two years of her killer has not been revealed as well," said Linda.Agus Maufu, representatives of residents, also complain about how slow the security forces in investigating murder cases in Papua.

Therefore, residents asked the House to help restore the security situation in Papua. The reason, residents also want to return to live quiet and free from the threat of assassination.Vice Chairman of Commission I Gumiwang Agus said the Commission I would call the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Djoko Suyanto to ask for an explanation.

Member of Commission I of the Democratic Party, Roy Suryo, also urged the police to investigate cases of shootings, including the shooting last Friday, which also killed his uncle Roy Suryo, Aloysius Margana.Should cases of the shooting, said a member of Commission I of the National Awakening Party, Wahid Lily, can be uncovered quickly. Lily guessed, there is something deliberately hidden so that the handling of the shooting was never properly resolved.

Separately, members of the Assessment Team Papuan Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Adriana Elisabeth, said the escalation of violence in recent days generally indicates a cycle of violence in Papua has not been disconnected.Elisabeth who became one of the authors books Papua Road Map says, "There must be a new strategy break the violence. No longer with the approach so far, such as the placement of excessive force. "(JOS / BIL / NTA / FER)

Source: http://nasional.kompas.com/read/2011/10/25/0533160/Situasi.di.Papua.Memanas

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