Monday, November 7, 2011

My Newborn Baby........

Sunday, November, Sixth 2011, (early morning, 5.15.A.M) Nothing can descriped, my feeling about that night. The night that make me nervous, scared, and also very happy. because that night i know a new lives will be born to the world, a new life to concern, a new notes will be written, and a new hope will be build.

Sunday, November, Sixth 2011, (morning, 10.14.A.M) My first son finnaly born to this world, after a long struggling to birth to this world. after 9 months 10 days my waiting has been end, my happiness will be added to my life, and a new hope will be coming, it's all because of my new son.

To my Son.........i am very proud of you and to my beloving wife thanks for caring and gives me a wonderful Gift, the child who will  bring a new  hope.

Welcome to The son................

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