Monday, August 8, 2011

Managing Our Classroom

below are some things that must be observed by a teacher in managing they classroom.

I. Rational School is a place of learning for students, and teachers' job is mostly happening in the classroom is to teach and educate students by providing an optimal learning conditions. Related interests, the will, conversations, as well as their activities relate to the teaching facilities and infrastructure used in the PBM.
Optimal learning conditions is achieved if teachers are able to manage students and teaching facilities as well as steer it in a fun situation to achieve the learning objectives. 

But if there is a lack of harmony between tasks, and the means or tools or breaking of a desire to another desire, between need and fulfillment, there will be disruption to the PBM. Both the temporary nature of the disorder and the nature of serious or continuous. 

II. Definition
Classroom management skills are the skills of teachers to create and maintain optimal conditions for learning and skills to restore an optimal learning conditions.

III. Use in the Classroom
If done well then the skill will have a positive impact both on students and the teacher concerned.
  1. Encourage students to develop individual responsibility to be aware of his behavior and control him.
  2. Helping students understand the direction of his behavior in accordance with the order of classes and teacher's warning as like a warning rather than anger.
  3. Cause a sense of obligation to engage in tasks and behave in a reasonable fit with ongoing classroom activities.
  1. Develop understanding and skill in maintaining the smooth presentation and step-by-step lessons are appropriate and good.
  2. Having an awareness of the needs of students and develop competence in providing a clear direction to students.
  3. Respond effectively to student behavior that causes disruption.
IV. principle Use
1.The warmth and the sight of people exiting
Facilitate the creation of a pleasant classroom climate.
2. challenge
The use of words, actions, or materials that will defiantly improve students' passion for learning, thereby reducing the likelihood of deviant behavior.
3. varies
Use of variations in style and media interaction is a key teaching of classroom management.
4. flexibility
PBM teachers must be vigilant in observing the process activities. Including the possible emergence of student disruption. So that the necessary flexibility for the teacher's behavior can change a variety of teaching strategies to manipulate the various components of other skills.
5. Emphasis On Positive Things
Basically in teaching and educating teachers should emphasize the positive things and wherever possible avoid focusing student attention on things that are negative.
The way the teacher maintains a positive atmosphere among others:
a. Giving emphasis on positive student behavior and to avoid chatter or celaa or behavior that is less fair.
b. Provide reinforcement of positive student behavior.
6. Planting self-discipline
This activity is the ultimate goal of classroom management. To achieve this the teacher should always encourage students to exercise self-discipline. This will be more successful if teachers themselves are an example.

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