Monday, June 23, 2014

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

Today we recognize the internet as a source of information that is in demand by today's modern society. In the internet we can find a wide range of interesting information about a case in a more complete and easier. For example, when a run into trouble on a difficult question about a lesson that one can easily find the answer over the internet. With facts about the ease and completeness of the information contained in the internet and after seeing the amount of media that can now be used to access the Internet especially also on the rise in the love of the people accessing the internet today and more people are increasingly developing the internet for learning purposes.

Learning activities contained in this internet often we refer with this online learning activity did not escape from a variety of problems that eventually arise with it. The problems associated with benchmarking more about where the advantages and drawbacks of these online learning activities. That with these two below I have summarized about the various advantages and disadvantages are present in online learning activities. Happy reading, I hope you get the information you need here.

The advantages of online learning. The first thing we will discuss here is about excess. In this online learning activity interesting is about time more flexible. A person who wants to learn on the internet does not necessarily have to be based on the specific time that is important because there is internet access they had to learn anytime and anywhere. Range of learning activities is also infinite place, at home anywhere in the world there is internet access, learning can still take place.

Disadvantages of online learning activities. Because of the ease of dissemination of this information by all parties involved then it is very likely the occurrence of errors in the material contained on the internet. Also there are likely many crimes such technologies on the dangers of pornography on the internet there is a stout that had been troubling the parents.

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