Friday, March 7, 2014

Tips on learning math easy and fun

Math is a subject that is considered difficult by most of our students , including my own for the math so it make the head turn around the city. But it turns out that if we know how to correct and pleasing in learning mathematics. Math lessons turned out not too difficult and even become very easy and fun , so no linger longer , let's discuss whatever is easy and practical way to learn math .

The existence of Intent
The first thing we should do is " straightening Intent" in the study of mathematics , let us learn math just to get a good value as a condition of passing the Math test points . If you just want to be able to value it easy to live to see the work of others . Remember our goal is to seek knowledge, not looking for value. Most of us if it has passed the test / test , then we will leave and forget the matter is that we have learned . So from that intend to learn mathematics to improve our knowledge. Because the study of mathematics , our brain will force regular well -honed making it easy to receive more education . Remember once again , not only oriented to the test results , but oriented to He learned .

Always use a pleasant way
Anyone would agree that learning something with a happy heart will be able to easily understand the matter. Similarly, in mathematics . Anything as complicated math problems , when we learn to love or to use a fun way , we can quickly master

Use symbols
Why should I use symbols ? because mathematics is essentially an abstract ( not real ) . Therefore, so that we are not the difficulties in learning mathematics , we should be able to hold , feel , and see that we should be able to create in a tangible form so that we can easily understand the mathematical

Outlining a story
A very complicated math problems and difficult , will be able to see easily to be broken when broken down in a story . This relates to the use of logical thinking. Therefore, when we have been accustomed to using logical thinking in solving math problems , then we will not have any trouble when we find a story of mathematics in the form of

Always use logical thinking
Math not only requires math skills because if just count it, then we can easily use a tool like a calculator. The most important in learning mathematics is logical thinking. Therefore, it takes a true understanding of mathematics

Know , Love , the subject
Point is a point kingpin in learning mathematics. We will be very easy to learn something if we love him first. How 'd love math if we do not recognize him? then the first step is we need to recognize it or the term used to approach young people. We need to know what the math?, What mathematical function for the daily life ?

It is difficult to know , but if it is your intention certainly can. If you already know him , then you will know that mathematics is extremely needed in our day today . Simplest example is that each person will have to count the money . It's not likely we could live away from mathematics . Then implant in our minds that mathematics is something useful , beautiful, exciting and a fun puzzle to solve. if we already know so please love math . If we have love, all seemingly complicated formulas will suddenly be easy to learn.

Such is the power of love , when it's love we 're happy to give everything for the sake of our beloved .

Much- much, Training and Learning
Some of the points above will be very useful if the tip end of it you do not take immediate steps to learn and a lot of hard and consistent training . Sometimes there is a time once the spirit to learn, but there are also times when lazy once to learn . So here takes discipline and consistency in learning mathematics.

In one day No need to spend too much to learn, quite a bit of time but is still continuous and consistent . Math is arithmetic , the better course would learn arithmetic by counting with diligent practice . banyakin discuss training / have questions , because if we have grown accustomed to , it will be easier for us to solve the same problem in the future . In addition they may also be making our understanding of mathematics more deeply.

Next Level Learning Math Good
  • Understand creative with his formulas
  • The mass formulas are formulas
  • Start working on the questions that are deliberated .
  • Last question do without clay discussion .
  • Other question that had type do the same .
  • Continue to train other matters .

Do not just learn from a book , because usually there is a book that does not explain in detail the equation makes it difficult to learn. Be advised to find other reference books more easily to learn .

Nothing says " I Can not " and "desperate "
Asa cut the disease most often found everyone when trying to get something. When we learn mathematics, as far as possible, avoid despair says, when we find a complicated question, then immediately ask for assistance to teachers of mathematics or to someone who already understands .

As much as possible to stay away from uttering the words "I Can not " , because it is only exacerbating the situation, when you feel that you could not have done , say, " Sure I Can " ! Give me the spirit of motivation for yourself , for every problem there is definitely solve it .. Remember I'M SURE CAN .....

Be Patient
Patience in the study , the patient in question breaks , indulgent in discharging all things, Remember the patient people will got more from god

Work already , but it's good before and after studying the mathematical remember to pray, because without prayer effort will not produce anything.

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