Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Learn Math Fast

It is undeniable that mathematics is one science that has many benefits in human life . Without realizing it , many parts of our lives that relates to math . But unfortunately , not a few of us who think that mathematics is a subject that is scary . And if we know math well , then we will also be 'friendly' with mathematics. One of the ways we like to know the math is a quick way to learn math .

Here is a quick way to learn mathematics :

# Always use logical thinking

Math does not only require the ability to count as if counting only course , then we can easily use tools such as calculators . The most important in learning mathematics is logical thinking . Therefore, it takes a true understanding of mathematics

 # Always use a fun way

Anyone would agree that studying something with a happy heart that will be able to easily understand it . So is the math . As in everything about math , if we learn with pleasure or using a fun way , then we can quickly master it
# Use symbols

Why should use the symbol ? because mathematics is essentially abstract ( not real ) . Therefore , in order not to difficulties in learning mathematics , we should be able to hold , feel , and see that we should be able to realize the real form so that we can easily understand math
# Describe in narrative form

A math problem is very complicated and difficult , it can be seen easily solved when described in narrative form . It relates to the use of logical thinking . Therefore , if we are familiar with the logic of thinking in solving soalmatematika , then we will never see kesukitan when we come across a math problem in the form of a story

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