Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to Combine Studying While Working

Many professionals choose to pursue part time education whilst working. This decision is one that requires careful deliberation as it involves spending vast amounts of time studying after work. For individuals that choose to do so, there are several tips below which can help them balance their work and study load.

  1. Organization: Individuals that wish to pursue further education whilst working are advised to master their organization and planning skills. In order to stay ahead at work as well as be a diligent student, it is advised that you delegate at work and only take on a workload which you can handle. Setting goals for certain periods of time will help you achieve them and be successful in both being a student and a working professional.
  2. Time Management: Delegating tasks is helpful however, there will be certain jobs that you will be expected to complete as part of being a productive employee. To achieve the best possible productivity, you should try to divide your time between work and study. Maintaining a good balance between the two will help you establish boundaries between work and studies.
  3. Study Leave: Informing your employer about your studying plans will ensure that they are aware of your situation. Most employers will support and understand your decision, offering paid study leave (up to 20 days) during exam time.
  4. Funds: In the event that you are working at an established firm as a full time employee, informing them of your decision to study whilst working can lead to potential sponsorship from the company. Employers are likely to financially support their employees obtaining an additional qualification as it will benefit the company in the long term.
  5. Stress: Working as a professional can have negative effects on your health, physically and mental health. If you are pursuing an education whilst working, you should be prepared for stress having an impact on your work. In order to deal with stress and avoid it having a detrimental effect on your overall productivity, it is advised that you inform management of issues you have and address them in time.
  6. Free time: Working and studying simultaneously can have an effect on your life and it is important to combat the stress and pressure by maintaining a positive attitude towards both. Individuals are advised to allocate time for relaxing, meeting with friends and enjoying time with family to ensure that they are not engulfed within their study-work routine. By setting aside some free time, you can make sure that you unwind and gain perspective on life before letting the stress and anxiety of work and study get to you.

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