Sunday, January 19, 2014

Effects of Working and Studying at the Same Time

Have you ever worked and studied full-time at the same time? If you have, have you achieved success in either? Absolutely, the answer is no. Taking classes full-time while working a full-time job is daunting; however, it sounds a challenge, so many people try it, but they cannot because it ruins their lives. Multitasking has negative consequences: bad social life, lack of sleep, and tight timetable.

All the things we do in life are to improve the way we live. We study, work, play sports, and make choices just to have a better social life. People who challenge themselves to work and study full-time will end up with a very bad social life especially those who are ESL students because of their English barrier. They will not have the time to be around their families and friends. They will not have time for themselves too. They will not be able to do the activities they used to do such as: playing sports, hanging out, partying, or even shopping. Their lives will be routine as living in a circle, waking up, going to school, going to work, coming back home, doing homework, sleeping, waking up, going to school, and so on. They will live in a circle which will cause them to hate their lives.

Lack of sleep is the biggest problem that working college students experience. They work eight or more hours a day, come back home, spend four or more hours doing schoolwork, and then they try to sleep for three or fewer hours a day. Doing this every single day will harm their health and their brain. Lack of sleep is the major cause of heart disease and high blood pressure. It kills the mood too. Working students will be having bad headaches and tiredness all the time. They will be having bad moods even talk to their families and friends. Lack of sleep impairs attention and thinking. Plus working students will not be able to comprehend easily. They will be all the time in bad mood, under stress, and in extremely bad health.

The most important thing in life we have is time: without maintaining it, life will not exist. Studying and working at the same time will burn your time and will make you busy all the time to the point you will not feel yourself to be living. It will make you busy all the time; thus, it will also be a complicated duty; to control school and work. For example, suppose you have some tests and a lot of homework, so you will have to skip some classes and take some days off work so you can study and do schoolwork. Sometimes you will have to skip classes because you didn't have chance to do the homework. Other times you will skip classes because you have a test and you didn't study for it. Working students get fired because they try to take advantage of their free minutes at work to do schoolwork. So lack of time will ruin both of them and you will not succeed on either one.

Working and studying at the same time can miss up your social life, your health, and your time. Even managing your time and putting in a lot of effort to accomplish priorities, yet taking classes full-time and working full-time job at the same time still difficult and has a lot of challenges and disadvantages. Focusing on either school or work is the best thing can a person do. It will make this person succeed and achieve instead of ruining everything.

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