Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teacher Teaching Effectiveness Inland Better Than the teachers in the City

Perhaps the question often arises in our minds as a teacher. If students in the city why are smart and good performance? Actually who is great? The teacher or a student?

If I were asked like that, then I will answer "students". There are several factors that make me able to say that. The first is if you look at the background of the students. Students in the average city come from middle to upper. The upper class people would not be indiscriminate in choosing nutrition for their children. So that his brain will be more smart and intelligent. Then the upper class people that always provide complete facilities for children. In an existing home computer and a collection of textbooks for children in rumahpun certainly very complete. Even more complete than the teacher in the school. That way, the child's learning at home will be easier. And the next, the upper class people usually enter their children to Bimbel (Tutoring). There are even some of those who deliberately invite private tutors to teach their children home. Clearly this is an advantage for them. They must be more intelligent than children who only learn in school.

So it can be concluded, the students in the city do not need to be taught it's smart. If their achievements that good yes because they are clever. Not because his teacher at school was great. His teacher at school in my mediocre. Even if the effectiveness teachers in teaching, they lost a lot of the teachers who taught in the interior.

Pupils in the city do not need to be taught that actually smart. No need to be taught, just told working on. Certainly be of value, their value 60. Compare with the taught first told to work on the problems recently. They can also be of value, their value 90. Mean increase of 30 from the previous value.

And now compare with teachers who teach in the interior. Pupils told they are working on that right without being taught first, the value 20. But if taught first and then do the problems, the value is 70. Mean increase of 50 from the previous value.

That way it can be concluded, that the teachers teaching effectiveness inland better than city teachers. This is a fact. Hope can be a positive outcome for teacher friends who teach in the city that is no longer being cocky and arrogant. Because after all they lost a lot of teaching effectiveness with teachers inland. If there are teachers who feel most fabulous cities, sekang tukeran teach only place deh. Teachers who teach in the city to teach in the countryside. And the teachers who teach in the rural town. Are teachers of the city can promote achievement of students in the interior for the better as the students in the city???

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