Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Overcoming Burnout in Teaching and Learning

Education plays a very important to ensure the survival of a country and nation. This is because education is a vehicle to improve and develop quality human resources, and in order to achieve these goals, it takes great effort of the society and government.

Implementation of educational programs can not be separated from the Teaching and Learning (PBM). The success of the learning process (PBM) itself is influenced by many-aspects, such as teaching methods, facilities and infrastructure, learning materials, and curriculum. From various aspects, which play an important role in the PBM is the teacher.

Complete any infrastructure owned, if not supported by the competence of teachers to the field of study is taught, the teaching and learning activities will not succeed. In teaching or teaching-learning process of teachers holding the role as director and actor. That is, the duties and responsibilities was Master plan and implement instruction in schools. Teachers as professionals need to have some ability to apply the theory learned in the field of teaching and implementing effective teaching methods and efficient, the ability to engage students actively participated and, the ability to create a learning environment can support the achievement of educational goals.

Saturation in teaching and learning often occurs in because of the learning process is very monotonous in the classroom. Not only students who get bored in the learning process is sometimes also saturated teacher and not the spirit in delivering lessons to be taught. To overcome this problem there are several methods to try when the implementation of learning outside the classroom such as the IPA Subjects.

The material on science subjects in Chapter Environmental Change Since konsisi Nature, the students tried to examine how the abrasion occurred on the beach. Learning this class is researching the process of abrasion on the beach during the implementation of learning is lost because of saturation are not monotonic in the classroom.

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