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10 Myths About Infants and Toddlers

Posted by Evariny A. and Translate by agoeslaw for English Shared (Babies for ages 0-2th)
This article was written based on the existing state of infants in Indonesia, but did not rule out some opinions and myths below are also found in infants in countries other than Indonesia. so this article is expected to be useful for new young mothers who have babies ... good read
1. Drying the baby in the MorningAssuming that the baby should be dried in the sun every morning is not entirely correct. Babies do need to dry in the morning to warm the body, but do not need every day. Also, do not stay long, just 10-15 minutes under eight in the morning. Especially if your baby is born yellow. Morning sunlight can break down bilirubin into a water-soluble compounds and will be issued as urine.
2. Milk Bottle SleepThat's just to ease your course. Bottle feeding in infants who wake at night makes you a more practical and the baby was soon asleep again. However, milk bottles can interfere with infant development. Because milk can gather deposits in the gums. In addition, the small to ear infections because they drink milk can get into the eustachian channel, the link between the back of the throat and the back of the ear. So, when should give the milk bottle, pick up the baby, lap to head higher than his body. After that let the baby sleep without the bottle.
3. Creating a Strong Cold Water BabiesAssumption baby bath with cold water to make baby is not really strong. Baby it vulnerable to cold temperatures. That's why parents are swaddling their babies after birth. Cold water can make the baby's body burning and metabolism increasing, so that food could be discharged in the body to regulate body temperature. Babies can easily run out of steam and eventually pain. Babies should be bathed with warm water. Lift before the baby was cold and keep the child in a warm state.
4. Baby fair slobberIt is reasonable, for infants up to age 4 years of active production of saliva. However, if the baby is drooling excessively, the possibility of inflammation or infection in the oral cavity. Saliva is also a sign of teething. So, not a result of unfulfilled cravings.
5. May Baby BedwettingUntil the age of two years, it is only natural when still wet. Because urine controls were not functioning perfectly. However, teaching babies pee earlier the better, so that at age two he was able to control annual bladder. When up on the 2 yearly is still wet, beware of the possibility of psychological or biological issues.
6. Should Spit After Eating
Spit or draining food or drink after he eats or feeding, carried the baby when he stuffed or if a lot of entrained air in while he was eating or feeding. Spit up can also occur when a baby octopus is too tight or binding her body, one position the child at meal times, such as eating with the supine position. If he did not have it, baby do not always spit up.
7. Babies should be heldHolding a baby is a family habit Indonesia. It makes the baby calm, but did not make a baby train his emotions.When the neck muscles strong start, he could control his head well, you should ask him to play with a baby raised up high, swinging, etc.. The way to train the child to control his emotions.
8. Baby smoother is FairMany regard it as such. It is natural to do children under the age of two years. Above that age, children are addicted ngempeng, including ngempeng with his thumb, could be a sign of child psychological disorders. For example, children feel insecure, fear, lack of attention, not confident, and so on. If the child is so, switch to another activity.
9. Healthy Kids are always SweatingExcessive sweat that comes out does not bode well. But the sign of certain disorders, such as stress, excessive thyroid function, low blood sugar, excess body weight. So children should be wary if excessive sweating.

10. Must be Given Vitamin childrenWhen eating a good boy, did not need extra vitamins. If you want to continue giving children vitamin, given as needed, because the vitamin is very useful when children need it. Such as, vitamins to increase appetite, to increase the iron and so on.

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