Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Importance For Early Education

During the early and formative years of a child's development it is important to nurture and encourage proper growth and development. Read on to learn more about the importance of early education.

Research shows that the in the first five years of life a child develops 90% of their adult-size brain. Children may fall behind in both academic and social skills if they are not exposed to the right kinds of stimulation. Unfortunately, this gap only gets wider as children grow older. There are many ways to encourage your child's early development. Parents need to recognize the importance of early education.

The Importance of Stimulation

Babies need much more than just food to develop. They need lots of intellectual, emotional, and physical stimulation. Soothing music, baby massages, reading aloud, and activities that develop speech and language can all benefit your child by encouraging mental and physical development. It's important to stimulate your baby's sense of touch to improve emotional and physical growth. They respond to facial expressions, hugs, and positive interaction. Reading to your baby fosters speech and language development. In fact, any loving, responsive, and affectionate interactions will help your baby develop normally.

Education and Socialization

High quality education in these early years makes a huge difference as babies become toddlers and then preschoolers. Children who receive better early education are more likely to succeed in both school and in life. Early education creates connections in the brain that are important for growth and socialization.
For example, parents can take an active role in a toddler's speech development. Beginning in infancy, parents can read and sing to their toddler. Gradually introduce new vocabulary words into daily verbal interactions by placing the words in their logical context. Avoid finishing sentences for children and allow them time to respond to questions. Parents can also encourage development by playing games with them. Ask children open-ended questions such as 'What was interesting about your day?' rather than closed-ended questions like 'Did you have a good day?'
During these early years, the brain's ability to change and grow is dramatic. It is important for parents to nurture their baby from day one to foster optimal development.

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