Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Young Is To Young

It is never too early to take an active role in your baby's development. Read on to learn more about helping your young child with his or her developmental progress.

It is never too early to begin baby or toddler education. Babies' minds are actually very powerful learning machines, and it is important to stimulate your child's mind to help it develop normally. There are several simple ways to nurture this development in young babies and toddlers.

Money can't Buy Intelligence

Purchasing expensive toys, videos, CDs, and flashcards is unnecessary. Simply talking to babies stimulates their brains. Tell stories, sing songs, recite nursery rhymes, and name things. This can exercise a baby's brain and teach a toddler speech. Babies respond to facial expressions, music, and the sense of touch. Baby massages, hugs, and affection all contribute to healthy child development.

The Power of Words

Reading aloud is another great way to bond with your child and foster learning. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents begin reading aloud to babies at six months of age. Reading aloud motivates children to become independent readers later on.

Math and Science Development for Young Children

Young children can develop math and science skills by participating in games and activities. Toddlers can learn shapes, colors, and numbers by counting cookies and identifying simple shapes of everyday objects. Music and dance helps children to learn rhythm, coordination, and listening skills.
It is never too early to begin teaching your baby or toddler. Children develop 90% of their adult-size brain within the first five years of life. It is necessary to take an active role in a child's development, particularly during these formative years, by playing with them, reading to them, and loving them.

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