Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what are they................?

What are…….?

Word, a group of letter which has a meaning
Example;  enlargement, hospital, house, etc

Phrase, a group of word which has meaning but there is no subject and verb
Example; the relation between your family and my parents

Clause,is a sentences but a part of sentences
Example; and most of the villagers harvest their cassava

Sentence, is a group of word which is meaningfull and consist of subject and verb, beginning with capital letter and ending by pullstop. And sentences divided by 3

  • Simple sentence, is a sentence that consist of one subject and one verb;Example ; she cries
  • Compound sentence, is  a sentence that consist of independent clause
  • Complex sentence, is a sentence that consist of main clause and sub ordinate clause or more

Main Clause is a main sentence of a complex sentence

Sub ordinate Clause is a clause which don’t have meaningfull if it is separated from the main clause
Example ; the old man who wearing a black suit. it is my grandfather

Independent Clause is a clause which is meaningfull although it is separated from other clause
Example ; my mother is cooking at the kitchen and my father read a newspaper

Dependent Clause is have same definition with sub ordinate Clause

Sub ordinator of adjective Clauses
Who → replaces a person as subject
Whom → replaces a person as object
Whose → replaces possesion
Which → replaces animal or thing
That → replaces person or non person
When → replaces time
Where → replaces place
Why → eplaces reason

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