Sunday, July 12, 2009

Talking about Education 2

Education, everybody talks about education, what it’s mean, generally education can mean the way to go out from fooliness, poor life, miscerable thing, and all bad thing that can be happen with us if we be a uneducated person.

 People can do anyting to get a better education, they can sacrifice anything to get a better education especially for their kids. They can sold his property or take a loan, just to get a better education for their children. Not all family in this world can get a good education, and sometimes their haven’t enough spirit to get it.

This is because several things, that can influence peoples spirit to get education. Some case it’s because family problem, lazynest, wide vision, flat mind, etc. but from several cause that can influence people spirit to get education. There is a major problem that can be the problem for we all on this earth, there is  “The Poor”. Not all people in the world birth to this earth with riches or have a good living with happy family in their side.
Many people birth in poor, illness, unhappy family, disaster, etc. especially in development countries like southeast asia, africa, east asia, several country in north america or south america. There are a lot unhappy family that have kids and can’t get a education because they are poor or in the middle of war, conflict, disaster, etc.

How lucky people that live in a good prosperity and rained with a huge money from their parents. But several people that can life like that sometimes annouying their education because they thing “ there is no credit to get better education” cause their parent have a lot of money, and they thing their parents can’t be a poor and their money can’t be running out. This is so wrong, just because our parents it’s a rich man it’s not mean we as their children abandone our education because we thing our parents money it can’t be running out.

Education is a base for all principle in this world, all great thinker not just come out with a single day. Their come with a process that run in a years. It’s a shame if we have opportunity to get better education but we can’t use it wisely, because in out there. There are so many unfortuned children that live in southeast asia, africa, and all development countries that can haven’t education because they don’t have a opportunity to get it.

We are so young, so fresh, so strong, so smart to think foolishly. So don’t waste your time in nothing, if you have opportunity to get a education you must use it in maximally, because not all peoples in this world have opportunity like you are.

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