Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Differences between Educating, Teaching, Guiding, and Coaching

Understanding Educating, Teaching, Guiding, and Train
What is educational understanding? Is it as educational as teaching? Then how to train and guide? Perhaps the difference between the four words (which is very closely related to the world of teachers, the world of education) is rather vague and unclear. Drs. Suparlan, M.Pd. in his book titled Becoming an Effective Teacher has listed the differences between educating, mentoring and training and teaching. Here are the four differences according to him:

Educate: In terms of content, education is strongly related to morality and personality. If viewed from the aspect of the process, then educate related to provide motivation to learn and follow the rules or order that has become mutual agreement. Then when judging in terms of strategies and methods used, educate more using exemplary and habituation.

Guiding: When viewed in terms of content, then guiding relating to norms and order. Viewed from the aspect of the process, then educate can be done by delivering or transferring teaching materials in the form of science, technology and art by using strategies and teaching methods in accordance with individual differences of each student. Then when viewed from the strategies and methods used, then guide more form of motivation and coaching.

Train: Train when viewed in terms of content is in the form of skills or life skills (life skills). When viewed from the process, then the train is done by being an example (role model) and role models in terms of morals and personality. Meanwhile, when viewed from the strategies and methods that can be used, namely through work practices, simulations, and internships.

Teaching: When viewed in terms of content, then teaching in the form of teaching materials in the form of science. The process is done by giving examples to students or practicing certain skills or applying concepts given to students in order to become proficiency that can be used in everyday life. Strategies and methods that can be used for teaching such as expository and inquiry.

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