Friday, February 9, 2018

Relationship Between Education Level and Public Awareness about Health

This is my first Post in 2018, it's has been while since my last Post in 2016, So Please enjoy my Latest Post, i hope you not dissapointed.

 Relationship Between Education Level and Public Awareness about Health

 One's education is one process of behavior change, the higher one's education then in choosing places of health services increasingly taken into account.

 According to Azwar (1996), is a factor that affects one's behavior and education can mature a person and behave well, so as to choose and make decisions more precisely.

 Education affects the learning process, according to Mantra (2003), the higher a person's education the easier the person will receive the information. With higher education then someone will tend to get information either from other people or from mass media. The more information that comes in the more knowledge acquired, also includes knowledge about health.

 The higher level of education or knowledge of a person, the more the need for health care centers as a place for treatment for himself and his family. With highly educated, the insights of pengatehuan are growing and increasingly realizing that it is so important to the health of life that it is motivated to make visits to better healthcare centers.

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