Friday, March 27, 2015

Wise Words

God does not require us to succeed; He only asks us to try. "

"Remorse for the day yesterday, and the fear of tomorrow are two thieves who take joy today"

"Sometimes God remove an instant sun, then he bring thunder and lightning also, satisfied we cried find where the sun ?? Apparently God wants a present we rainbow"

"And when there is a problem do not say" O God, My problem is Great !! "but say," O my problem !!! That God is Great !!!! "
sure just the same God because every problem can be solved if God willing, we want to work "

"Love and love your mother, actually 1 roses that you give to your mother much better than 1000 roses you gave on the grave mother when mother is gone"

"Unemployment is not due to the narrowness of jobs, but because of the narrowness of spirit to work with open heart"

"A friend is if the world gave you a thousand sadness, then he'll give you a million happiness"

"When asked how much of the meaning of friendship? Then I will answer 'just the tip of the nail', as though cut nails and spent continuously, but he continued to grow and grow until the end of life."

"Great is to do a common thing in an unusual way."

"Do not use those to build the Great Work, But Use The work was to build the Great"

"People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care"

"Rule number one for the people who truly civilized man is to let different"

"During my life, I never had any lessons from those who agree with me"

"Getting the respect of those you respect more valuable than the applause of many people"

"Be a tree that is in the side of the road and a lot of fruit, thrown the stones but rewarded with fruit"

"Anyone can criticize, denounce, and complain. But only the character who can control themselves to understand and forgive."

"I'll find a way, or I will make a way"

"Could but HARD !, or difficult but CAN !?"

"Working fixed or fixed Work ??"

"You're got a 'problem' or get 'Challenge' ??? all depends on your attitude"

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