Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Collapse of the Theory of the State

The Collapse of the Theory of the State
  1. Organic Theory: State likened to an organism that covered the development of the law of life. 
  2. Anarchic Theory: the State is a form of governance that is only suitable for forced primitive society. At the time the State would disappear, a society without coercion and without the State. 

The way to eliminate it:
a) With violence (revolution): Proudhon, Kropatkin, Bakunin.
b) With the education and evolution: Leo Tolstoy.

  1. Marxist Theory : The state will eventually disappear by itself, if the conditions for life no longer exists. 
  2. Other Theories Regarding the disappearance of the State
a) Due to natural factors: The country that was already established as a natural factor and vanished / disappeared. 

For example: 

1 volcano erupts. 
2. Island swallowed sea water. 

b) Due to social factors: The state already recognized standing and other countries, but because of social factors and vanished. 
c) Since the conquest. 
d) A revolution. 

e) The existence of agreements. 

f) The incorporation.

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