Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fast train children from an early age

Train children fasting, as discipline and religious education within the family sphere. The family is the basic foundation of a child to learn both the behavior and parental guidance. Child is the successor to the life of the nation. Moral and character education children should start early stimulated by parents. 

The month of Ramadan is known as the full moon virtue for Muslims in the world, could be the right moment for the discipline and moral education since early childhood. 

Incidentally we live in Indonesia, the majority of the population is Muslim, so the month of Ramadan will really feel diffrent from other month for Muslims in performing worship. Supported by the environmental community who are heavily religious, parents can apply a moral and religious education in the home sphere. 

Instill awareness of Ramadan fasting child can begin gradually and fun. By teaching children early fasting, they will get used to running fast as a habit and no longer be a pressure. This would be beneficial for health and spiritual intelligence of the child in the future. 

Disciplining children early fasting is not a violent 
It is a discipline lesson about religious values​​. Ramadan fasting to train children not the same as requiring them to fast. Even within Islam itself has been told by His messenger: "There is no obligation Shar'ie (muslim rules of live) for children who have not baligh (adult)". 

In addition, the fast train children, parents should consider the condition and their ability. It has become clear that Islam itself does not require any element of coercion in educating children. So parents will provide motivation to the children in their discipline as well as how to train the child to train Ramadan fasting. 

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