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Beat The Five Common Excuses Used To Avoid Exercise

Beat The Five Common Excuses Used To Avoid Exercise

Do you get all the exercise that you need?

Most of us do not.  How do I know?  Because according to the CDC, 66% of adults are overweight or obese.  This is a huge indicator that many of us are trying to avoid exercise.

Why don’t we exercise more often?  Well, there are several common excuses we use to remain sedentary.

If we learn to beat these excuses, we will lose weight, have more energy and live longer.
Why should we be motivated to beat these common excuses?

Exercise requires effort, so why should we bother?  Isn’t it better to just rest and relax?

Well, there are many benefits to regular, moderate exercise when it becomes part of your normal lifestyle.

Of course, one of the biggest positives is that it will help you manage your weight.  Are you overweight?

According to the CDC, overweight is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater; obesity is defined as a BMI of 30 or higher.  You can calculate your BMI here.

You might ask, “Why does it matter if I’m a little chubby?  Isn’t it just more to love?”

If you are heavier than you should be, then there is more of you to love, but you might not be around as long to be loved.

I know that’s not what we want to hear, but it is true.  Studies have repeatedly shown that as your weight increases so does your risk for many life-threatening conditions such as:

    * Coronary heart disease
    * Type 2 diabetes
    * Certain types of cancer
    * Stroke
    * Liver and gallbladder disease

You can stick your head in the sand and choose to avoid exercise until it is too late or you can overcome the common excuses, get active and become healthier!

If you won’t do it for yourself, then surely you will for your spouse, your children and the rest of your family.

Do you really want to become a burden to them emotionally, physically and financially?  I didn’t think so.  Let’s get busy beating those common excuses!
How to beat the five common excuses used to avoid exercise

Each of us has used various excuses in the past to avoid exercise.  I know that I’ve been guilty of this myself, so believe me when I say that I’m NOT judging you if you’ve used one of these.  The key is to admit the truth and then get busy getting healthier.

Here are the five common excuses I’ve heard or used:
Excuse #1 – I don’t have the time to exercise.

This is a very flimsy excuse to avoid exercise because we always have time for what we make a priority.  In addition, exercise does not take a lot of time if you keep it simple.

A good cardio routine that lasts 20 to 30 minutes a day can have a very positive effect on your health.  It burns calories, reduces stress and contributes to good circulatory health.

We can all spare a half an hour a day for something so important.  You can walk on your lunch hour or combine exercise with recreation to kill two birds with one stone.
Excuse #2 -  I’m too tired to exercise.

Exercising will actually build up your stamina not wear you out.  Sure, there are times when I feel too tired to exercise as well, but when I go ahead anyway I always feel better as a result.

Exercise releases endorphins that help reduce stress and improve emotional states.  If you feel tired, then exercise will actually help you feel better!

A vigorous exercise routine will also help you sleep better which means that you will get better rest and start having more energy.  This excuse too is a very flimsy way to avoid exercise.
Excuse #3 – I cannot afford the right equipment or gym membership.

Getting the needed exercise does not require anything really.  You can walk, do aerobics or just run in place.  The key is simply to get your heart rate up.

I have a stationary bike that I bought at Walmart for $99.  I’ve been using this same bike for several years.  I keep it in my walk-in closet and read a book while I’m riding.

Most of us already have all we need to get a good workout.  Lack of money is not an excuse for avoiding exercise.  You just need to get off the couch and make it happen!
Excuse #4 – I hate exercising and it is boring!

I used to use this excuse quite frequently.  It was my personal favorite.  The thing is I feel so much better after I exercise that now I can’t stop.

However, I had to find the right thing for me.  Riding the stationary bike allows me to read while I exercise.  This overcomes the boredom and makes the time fly by.

If you have used this excuse, then I suggest that you broaden your view of exercise.  Think outside the box and find something that works for your unique personality.
Excuse #5 – Exercise does not help me lose weight.

I recently heard a respected doctor say that it is physiologically impossible to gain weight if you are burning more calories than you are consuming.  The CDC backs up this claim with their Caloric Balance Equation.

The combination of moderate to vigorous exercise combined with a reduction in the calories you consume will result in weight loss.  There is no way around it.

Regular physical exercise is a key ingredient to losing weight and staying healthy.
Push the common excuses aside and exercise for your well-being

I often wonder what I did before I started exercising regularly.  It has such a positive impact on how I feel that the real health benefits are just gravy.

Beating the common excuses to avoiding exercise isn’t all that hard.  The hard part is just getting up and getting started.

Once you do it you are likely to be just like me.  You will find it so beneficial that you won’t want to stop!

Do you exercise regularly or do you avoid it at all costs?

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