Saturday, October 31, 2009

Asking The Direction

Asking The Direction

Sometimes, we have a difficult to asking a way or direction to another place to someone (especially in English) if we don't know how to do that, so there is a sample how to do that; please see the picture below carefully

after see that map above, first we must know the expression that have relation with asking the direction;
a. signs
- junction
- crossroad
- street
- building
- t-junction

b. direction
- left
- right
- straight
- turn
- between
- beside
- accross
- behind
- in front off

and after we already know the words that have relation with the subject, next step we can know the sentence that has we use to express it.

1.Question : if you want go to clinic, which way that you must to take if you are at grape street
   answer    : from grape.st you go straight until the bakery, and thenyoue must turn left and turn left again until
                    you meet cinema at cheery.st and the clinic is beside the cinema.
   or            : from grape. you go straight to bakery, until you meet t-junction we turn left and go straight until
                    we meet second t-junction and we take left to cheery.st and after you found the cinema you can
                    find clinic beside the cinema.

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