Saturday, May 30, 2009

Improve Your Speaking Skills

If you are in a non-English speaking country, of course you can not avoid learning English. You may have tried so hard you read many English books and you pay a lot of money for learning English but deeply inside you feel you don’t go anywhere. You can not speak English fluently, still can not communicate very well with foreigners. Why? Because you learn English only few hours a day, you learn with brain which what you have learnt would stay very shortly in your memory and then fade away. To make it quiet easy, there are some tips that you can avoid it. This learning to speak English program requires you 3 months long4-6 hours a day, and strong effort, are you ready to accomplish this? Here we go …!

“ stop using your own language “

don’t get confuse, it means you have to make up your mind that there us only one language in this world which is English, if you are chinese, no more chinese, if you are thai, no more thai. For example you watch News on local channel everyday, now on change it to CNN instead or any English News channels which available in your country. and also stop reading local newspaper, change it to any English one.

“ do anything in English “

For example, you usually note anything in your own language but from now on, no more. Write it down in English even it is probably wrong. Just ignore and keep doing it, you will get more experience and be easier soon. This is very though way to learn to speak English but extremely work.

“practice with movies “

this step requires you many DVD movies. Why DVD? You can select language on DVD independently. Before start, we need to choose our favorite accent first. Be careful with his step for learning to speak English. You like British or American accent. After you have chosen then start watching it and exactly repeat what you hear. If you don’t know any words you may turn subtitle on so you can know what actors actually says.

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